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Re: [Linux-cluster] No storage cluster configuration

So, if we are certain that a DRDB (or similar solution) is supported by Red Hat when used in conjunction with RH Cluster Suite, maybe we could compete with those IBM + Novell SuSE solutions.

We're certain it's not supported right now out of the box, since we
don't ship DRBD.  Using it as part of a <script> resource is perfectly
valid, since we do not help with the contents of users' scripts.

Note that the GNBD + Cluster Mirroring paradigm is like DRBD++ - it
supports concurrent writes.

I wish someone comfortable with GNDB and LVM Cluster Mirroring would write a howto/walkthrough to do this. I am going to try my luck submitting this question to kbase.redhat.com : How do I use GNDB + LVM Cluster Mirroring to simulate shared storage without a physically shared storage array? I know they will take their time if they even decide to answer it, so is anyone willing to try writing one?

It would be great if this could move past the ingredients phase ("use A, B and C") to the recipe phase ("first you ..."). There is definitely a huge demand for "pseudo-shared storage" clustering, based on what I have heard from my customers and what I have seen on this list.

(If I knew that opening a Service Request for that howto I might be compelled to do it.)
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