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Re: [Linux-cluster] Which lock manager to use on a 2-node GFS Cluster?

Robert Peterson wrote:
Celso K. Webber wrote:
Hi Riaan,

Thank for your excelent explanation!

Now I know I'll have to run an Oracle unsupported environment ... :)

Would someone please confirm if the environment suggested by Hirantha is supported by Red Hat?

* 2 GFS/RAC nodes;
* 2 DLM on RAC/GFS nodes;
* fibre channel external storage.

The above environment is what we usually encounter on our cluster projects. Sometimes Oracle Database is installed as active-passive (not a RAC Cluster). It would be useful to know if Red Hat supports it, even if Oracle does not.

Last question: does Oracle supports a 2-node cluster using DLM for Oracle Database (no RAC, no GFS) when used with RHCS?

Thanks again!

Hi Celso,

Yes, Red Hat will support the configuration you mentioned.
I don't think Oracle will support the DLM locking protocol with RHCS.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

To supplement what Bob said.

Oracle doesn't "care" (in the nice sense of the word) about RHCS/DLM, since they are not Oracle's clustering middleware but Red Hat's.

for RHCS-only, Oracle and its resources (VIP, storage, mountpoints) are like any other clustered service. Oracle will support that config as long as you can replicate your problem on a standalone/non-clustered instance (e.g. have the OS manage the VIP/storage/script rather than RHCS). E.g you need to be able to prove that RHCS is not breaking things doing things logically different from how the OS would be doing them.

There is a good chapter on Oracle on RHCS at

(You have to use the direct link - or know where to look inside the HTML tarbal, since neither the PDF version nor the HTML chapter index page contain references to this chapter. I thought this was in bugzilla already, but I could not find it. I logged it as BZ 202884 - Database Services chapter (including Oracle setup) missing from RHCS PDF manual and HTML home page)

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