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Re: [Linux-cluster] fencing problem in 2 node cluster using apc fence device


Aother update on the situation: Apparently, i got the fencing working already. When I down the ethernet connection of node1, node2 will fence node1 and the power outlet connected to node1 power cycle (switch off then on). However, is this the proper behaviour of fencing? I wish to reboot node1, not shut it down completely. Seems that my machines are configured in such a way that when the power supply is switched on and then off, my machine stays off. Is there any way which i can alter this behaviour such that my node1 will reboot instead of shutting down? Thanks!

--- garylua singnet com sg wrote:

> Hi, thanks for the reply. But I would like to know what does the
> "switch" parameter refer to during the configuration of the node.
> Somehow, I have a feeling it might be this parameter causing the
> fencing problem.
> As for my configuration, when my application fails over to node2 (by
> "downing the network on node1), would node1 reboot or just
> shutdown?
> Finally, I've checked the /var/log/messages. No fencing is done at
> all, as indicated from the log messages.
> Any help on this would really be appreciated. Thanks
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