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[Linux-cluster] GFS for Linux kernel 2.6.16 and Xen 3.0.2_2

Hi, I am running the current testing version of Debian and I have been
trying to compile the cluster source into my custom kernel.  I have
successfully built and booted from a kernel with latest Xen
3.0.2-2 stable support but I have failed to successfully compile the cluster
suite.  I have been using ./configure --kernel_src=/PATH and then make
install as advised but the build process always fails and I have tried this
using both the current stable CVS and 1.02.00 tarball (which progresses
further).  I have read that others have had very similar problems
http://lists.xensource.com/archives/html/xen-users/2006-07/msg00620.html but
later report they solve the problems by installing certain packages
This has not worked for me although the errors they report are identical. I
was wondering if anyone knew a solution to this problem or possibly a list
of dependent packages and versions that are required to compile Redhat
cluster suite.  The only thing I can currently think of is that my
ncurses5-dev package is somehow incompatible with the build.

Any help would be very much appreciated 



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