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Re: [Linux-cluster] NFS on GFS architectural issues / problems

Riaan van Niekerk wrote:

My question to you or anyone who is familiar with NFS on GFS, or GFS in general, which of the following are still valid issues for the current (6.1u4) version of GFS. If all or most of them still apply, I can use this as motivation for my customer to strongly consider going off NFS on GFS. Removing the NFS from our GFS cluster has been on the cards for quite a while, but has not gained momentum due to lack of information on the performance gains of such a move (very difficult to gage) or the architectural problems/limitations of NFS on GFS (for which the following extract is spot-on).

These have been worked on and some of them do have test patches ready to address the issues. However, the changes are non-trivial and may involve base kernel modifiction that we need to get upstream (community linux kernel) acceptance. The efforts take time since we would like to do it conservatively to preserve GFS1/2 stability. Unless the posted problems have urgent needs (let us know), the current NFS-GFS development focus is on failover (Red Hat bugzilla 132823).

Is performance the primary concern you have now ?

-- Wendy

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