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Re: [Linux-cluster] NFS on GFS architectural issues / problems

Riaan van Niekerk wrote:
hi Bob

I find it extremely unfortunate that you felt it necessary to remove this article. From Wendy's reply I can deduce that most of those issues still persist, meaning that with regards to NFS on GFS at least, the document is still very relevant.

I know you guys are pretty busy, and I sincerely hope that you or someone will get/make the time to write an architectural overview and detail document of GFS, perhaps even use Ken's original document as a base. I will gladly provide feedback on such a document, once you have written it.

(Aside: asking a user looking for info on the innards of GFS (and this has been asked before on the list) to settle for a cookbook on NFS on GFS is just a long shot - with all respect).

My biggest regret is to not have saved a copy of this document locally. It really contained quite a bit of useful information in my mind, despite it being old and in parts deprecated.

all the best
Hi Riaan,

Sorry about the document; this isn't any secret information. What GFS does and how it works is all out there, in the public domain, but I don't want to mislead people with old information. As I said, I am planning on writing a white paper with details about the inner workings of GFS, and I'd
be happy to get your feedback as I did with the NFS/GFS cookbook.
I'll go over Ken's email to make sure I cover everything that's in there. As far as the NFS issues are concerned, they are all documented in bugzilla(s) such as the one
I mentioned in my other email, which is 178057.

As far as Tom Mornini's inquiry...Tom Mornini wrote:
I'm about to setup a cluster that uses NFS with GFS, so I'd love to read that document.
He said he is "about to setup a cluster" with NFS/GFS, which I take to mean that he's looking for setup information, not for obsolete technical notes about the design of GFS2.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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