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RE: [Linux-cluster] Testing a fence program

You are somewhere reinventing the wheel. 

DTC-Xen is a Xen dom0 application and SOAP server (with authentication and SSL) through which a Domain Technologie Control (DTC) Web hosting panel can be connected to manage your VMs.

It supports remote start, shutdown, and destroy of your virtual machines, as well as SSH login in the physical console (with the ability to remotely change the SSH password).

DTC-Xen also displays CPU and network graphs that can be used to analyse the performance of your virtual machines."

I was looking into integrating this in one cluster management tool. So i can have many soap servers with xen i want. being monitored by one server. Maybe this is a good aproach for conga.. who knows ? 

I believe you can use this to fence too.

Best regards.
Leonardo Rodrigues de Mello
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Does anyone know if I'm reinventing the wheel, or if not, could other
GFS users benefit from code?

John A.


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