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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS update problem

Robert Moody - MWEB wrote:
Hi all,
I am trying to apply the latest updates to one of our GFS clusters. The problem I have is it seems the GFS patches want kernel version 2.6.9-42ELsmp. However the up2date command on the system keeps installing 2.6.9-42.0.2EL. Is there anyway to get the older version of the kernel. The system is running Redhat ES4 update 4 with GFS 6.1 Robert Moody
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hi Robert

not using up2date, unfortunately, but via the RHN web site or on the RHEL4u4 ISOS:


- Sign in at https://rhn.redhat.com
- In the search box, select 'Packages' and type in 'kernel-smp' and [Search] - To dramatically reduce the number of kernel versions you will have to sift through, select "Channels relevant to your systems" and unselect the architectures, and [Search]. (doing this for me reduced the number of matches from 900 to 200.
- Click on kernel-smp
- Click on the '>|' (the newest packages are at the end)
- You may have to forward a page or two ('<')
- Click on kernel-smp-2.6.9-42.EL.i686
- Click on 'Download Package' at the bottom

2 ISOs/CDs (If you have downloaded them)

ISO 2 for i386 and x86_64

3 If you have Red Hat Satellite, you will have this package localy, and depending on how you many software channels you have, the number of kernel version packages to sift through should be significantly less (OT: I am not sure why RHN Hosted thinks that RHL 9.0 is relevant to me - I have only RHEL 4 systems registered)

I upgraded a customer of mine to GFS 6.1 u4 / RHEL 4.4 3 days ago and we are fairly happy so far.

good luck

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