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[Linux-cluster] cman and bond isssue


I have a problem with the installation of the Cluster Suite. I've configured 2 nodes cluster, add some services to test de installation and this worked OK.

But when I configured "bond" for ethernet interfaces, the communication between the Cluster nodes doesn't work well. Although networking at IP level works fine, when I reboot one of the nodes the other one goes to kernel panic.

I've lost a lot of time debbuging this problem and I finally decide to replace one switch ( D-Link DGS-1016D Gigabit Switch ) putting another from other installation ( D-Link 10/100 ) and the cluster Works Fine now.

But Now, I'm not sure if the problem is with the hardware switch ( D-Link ) or with the software.
Any ideas ?

I have  RHE4 U2 and Cluster Suite 4 U2 using HP DL380 and external RAID.

Some error messages are below

# SM: 03000002 process_stop_request: uevent already set

SM: Assertion failed on line 106 of file /usr/src/build/615121-i686/BUILD/cman-
SM:  assertion:  "node"
SM:  time = 256523

Kernel panic - not syncing: SM:  Record message above and reboot.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Luis G.

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