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RE: [Linux-cluster] Apache configuration on cluster servers

I get another case now the service appears o one of the servers and it
does not on the other what should I do

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Fadia Al-Marei wrote:
> I my two cluster servers work with installing packages suitable for 
> the installation, I try to add the http service to cluster I face a 
> lot of problems although I work as in the document, I want some 
> explanation that help me in the installation
I believe that you are referring to my email "Resource agents for Apache

& MySQL" (08/22/2006).
> 1- Should the cman , ccsd and rgmanager services be started when I add

> the services and resources or it does not matter?
I think they should be started because you have to run "ccs_tool 
update"and "cman_tool version" after modifying /etc/cluster/cluster.conf
> 2-the virtual IP that I will put as the resource should be added to 
> the httpd.conf file, should I configure a virtual network interface 
> for the existing one ( creat bond0:1 for bond0 card) ? or how should 
> the apache start?
<service autostart="1" domain="" name="test22">
   <ip address="" monitor_link="0"/>
   <ip address="" monitor_link="0"/>
   <apache name="web" />

<apache name="web" /> is equal to <apache name="web" 
serverRoot="/etc/httpd" serverConfigFile="conf/httpd.conf" />

httpd.conf is used as base for generation of the new httpd.conf which 
are specific for each <apache ...>. IP addresses are taken from  the 
service definition (in this case So you don't have to 
change it manually.


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