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Re: [Linux-cluster] Shared Storage and Quorum device

As others have mentioned, shared storage is not required in RHEL4/CS4; you haven't said what version you're running, but since you pasted links to the CS4 docs, I'll draw that conclusion (aside to redhat maintainers - why is it that the documentation doesn't seem to explicitly state what version(s) it covers anywhere?)

In a 2-node cluster, quorum is achieved when 1 node is down by configuring the two_node option in cluster.conf (see 'man cman'). Essentially, the cluster is _always_ quorate, as long as cman is running on at least one node. If you don't configure this option, then the cluster can only be quorate if both nodes are up (if I understand correctly).


Mikhail A Zelikov wrote:
1.b If no then how is the quorum is achieved in 2-node cluster when 1 node
is down?


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