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RE: [Linux-cluster] is necesary to to build GFS on top of LVM ?

--- "Patton, Matthew F, CTR, OSD-PA&E"
<Matthew Patton ctr osd mil> wrote:

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> > there is any advantage of using LVM in this
> scenario?
> assuming your LUN is dedicated to a single
> partition, no probably not.  LVM
> comes in handy when growing partitions/disks. Often
> we can't just extend the
> end of the partition because it will run up against
> a neighboring one. So in
> order to have disjoint growth, we need to use LVM
> and Physical Volumes and
> grow that way.

I understand that, but what I don not understant yet
is the "Often we can't extend the end of the
I am completly new to SAN technologies, so, for me,
the EMC SAN is like a black box where I can create the
LUN but I do not know how it is create _insigth_ the
SAN so I do not know if I have close neighbors :-)
that avoid me grow the LUN

If I can't grow a LUN because the neighbors are too
close, the LVM is the way to go :-)
can you share some of your experience with that ?


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