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Re: [Linux-cluster] fedora core 5 removed lvm2-cluster

I'm pretty sure I saw a 3rd party one somewhere (same problem as you so
created one), although obviously you'd have to decide whether you trust the
3rd party enough to install it :)

However IIRC, all he did was rehash a srpm to recreate the rpm for fc5. Am
sure you could do something similar, if you can ensure everything matches
yeah... i figured i could probably find it and make it work, but honestly at this point i give up on gfs in fedora...

(i realize that my installation is what doesnt work, now whether that is because i suck, which given my rhce and the fact that i've got it working in rhel on the same equipment, i would hope isnt the case; or its cause isnt ready to work on my setup.. but whatever).


“While it is possible to change without improving, it is impossible to improve without changing.” -anonymous

“only he who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible.” -anonymous

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