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Re: [Linux-cluster] Need help, will pay!

Hi and thanks for the reply.

I'm not sure what you mean by this? I'm in MN, 55101. The work is virtual, 
over the net.



On Mon, 4 Dec 2006 03:53:37 -0500, Rajesh singh wrote:
> Kindly put your postal address, as a wide distribution on mailing list
> without address keep every body guessing.
> regards
> On 12/3/06,  isplist logicore net <isplist logicore net> wrote:>  Sorry if
> this is a double post, just can't tell if it made it out.
>> ---
>> I don't know if this is allowed but I do hope you'll allow me to post
>> this or
>> suggest where I could get some good help.
>> I BADLY need to get my project working. If it works out and affordable,
>> I'd
>> like to be able to ask for more help when needed, ongoing. I am not a
>> corporation and don't have deep pockets so if you only know how to bid for
>> those types, I'll be out of your league. I need a flat rate price so that
>> I
>> can budget for it.
>> While I love learning and doing all these things, I just can't do it all
>> in a
>> time efficient manner... I need help!!!
>> Would someone be interested in making a few bucks to get the final bits
>> of my
>> project working right. Mostly, it involved getting my load balancing (LVS)
>> going and GFS straightened out.
>> Here's the setup;
>> All servers have a dual NIC (LB's and servers) which should help to make
>> things simple.
>> WEB;
>> 3 web servers which need a load balanced front end for users to get in,
>> including making sure that sessions aren't lost, etc. Nothing too special
>> that
>> I can think of here other than session loss. The application is mostly
>> joomla/mambo based for web services.
>> All servers share GFS mounted storage. On GFS, just need to make sure
>> entire
>> cluster does not blow up every time something goes wrong. Using Brocade
>> switches for fencing. Everything works, just needs fine tuning to better
>> handle fencing and dead node problems taking the whole thing down.
>> MAIL;
>> 4 Qmail (Qmail-Toaster) servers which require a load balanced front end. I
>> need users to be able to reach the usual compliment of ports for various
>> services, webmail, pop, imap, smtp, etc.
>> Need to know what is the best way of load balancing mail services. One
>> server
>> handles all outgoing, one all incoming, not sure. All servers share GFS
>> storage. Same as above, it's all set up, it all works but since the
>> learning
>> curve and time spent on this has been so high, I just cannot afford to
>> keep
>> trying to figure out the last little bits. I need help to get this done
>> once
>> and for all.
>> MySQL;
>> 4 MySQL servers installed, ready to work together. Again, all share GFS
>> storage, need to get fencing working so there aren't any blow ups. Need to
>> have load balanced MySQL working in the simplest manner possible so that
>> I can
>> maintain them later. Getting into complicated MySQL setup's won't work
>> for me.
>> I've read that some folks have been able to use GFS to share common
>> storage.
>> Since I'm so far behind on all the other parts, I've not even started on
>> this
>> yet. One of the servers currently does it all so load balancing these had
>> not
>> even begun. GFS is in place and ready to go here also.
>> Load Balancing (LVS);
>> I'm using LVS with Piranha. It seems simple but I keep missing something
>> and
>> getting help over email has just led to frustration for those nice enough
>> to
>> help me. I cannot afford to be told how to do it, I need someone to just
>> do it
>> and I'll learn by seeing it done.
>> I have LVS servers ready to configure for Web and Qmail services. I'll
>> build
>> another for the private/internal MySQL section. Once everything is in
>> place, I
>> will later build the matching redundant server for each section,
>> Web/Qmail and
>> MySQL.
>> I prefer to keep the Web, Mail and MySQL LVS front ends as separate
>> servers
>> for future flexibility and performance rather than handling all services
>> on
>> one pair.
>> Everything is in place... just need the configuring and fine tuning done
>> so
>> that I can finally feel secure enough to fire up the services for public
>> access. Right now, not only is LVS missing but it's too easy to lose the
>> GFS
>> storage when something screws up.
>> Please, contact me if you can help me. Thank you.
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