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Re: [Linux-cluster] Need help, will pay!

Hi Mike(?), 

I'm sure, we could help you getting your system up and running. 
How much do you want to afford for your installation/support flat rate ?

BTW: here's a link to our reference story for web service clustering:
go to section "Reference: Munich International Trade Fairs".



On Sunday 03 December 2006 23:01, isplist logicore net wrote:
> Sorry if this is a double post, just can't tell if it made it out.
> ---
> I don't know if this is allowed but I do hope you'll allow me to post this
> or suggest where I could get some good help.
> I BADLY need to get my project working. If it works out and affordable, I'd
> like to be able to ask for more help when needed, ongoing. I am not a
> corporation and don't have deep pockets so if you only know how to bid for
> those types, I'll be out of your league. I need a flat rate price so that I
> can budget for it.
> While I love learning and doing all these things, I just can't do it all in
> a time efficient manner... I need help!!!
> Would someone be interested in making a few bucks to get the final bits of
> my project working right. Mostly, it involved getting my load balancing
> (LVS) going and GFS straightened out.
> Here's the setup;
> All servers have a dual NIC (LB's and servers) which should help to make
> things simple.
> WEB;
> 3 web servers which need a load balanced front end for users to get in,
> including making sure that sessions aren't lost, etc. Nothing too special
> that I can think of here other than session loss. The application is mostly
> joomla/mambo based for web services.
> All servers share GFS mounted storage. On GFS, just need to make sure
> entire cluster does not blow up every time something goes wrong. Using
> Brocade switches for fencing. Everything works, just needs fine tuning to
> better handle fencing and dead node problems taking the whole thing down.
> 4 Qmail (Qmail-Toaster) servers which require a load balanced front end. I
> need users to be able to reach the usual compliment of ports for various
> services, webmail, pop, imap, smtp, etc.
> Need to know what is the best way of load balancing mail services. One
> server handles all outgoing, one all incoming, not sure. All servers share
> GFS storage. Same as above, it's all set up, it all works but since the
> learning curve and time spent on this has been so high, I just cannot
> afford to keep trying to figure out the last little bits. I need help to
> get this done once and for all.
> MySQL;
> 4 MySQL servers installed, ready to work together. Again, all share GFS
> storage, need to get fencing working so there aren't any blow ups. Need to
> have load balanced MySQL working in the simplest manner possible so that I
> can maintain them later. Getting into complicated MySQL setup's won't work
> for me. I've read that some folks have been able to use GFS to share common
> storage. Since I'm so far behind on all the other parts, I've not even
> started on this yet. One of the servers currently does it all so load
> balancing these had not even begun. GFS is in place and ready to go here
> also.
> Load Balancing (LVS);
> I'm using LVS with Piranha. It seems simple but I keep missing something
> and getting help over email has just led to frustration for those nice
> enough to help me. I cannot afford to be told how to do it, I need someone
> to just do it and I'll learn by seeing it done.
> I have LVS servers ready to configure for Web and Qmail services. I'll
> build another for the private/internal MySQL section. Once everything is in
> place, I will later build the matching redundant server for each section,
> Web/Qmail and MySQL.
> I prefer to keep the Web, Mail and MySQL LVS front ends as separate servers
> for future flexibility and performance rather than handling all services on
> one pair.
> Everything is in place... just need the configuring and fine tuning done so
> that I can finally feel secure enough to fire up the services for public
> access. Right now, not only is LVS missing but it's too easy to lose the
> GFS storage when something screws up.
> Please, contact me if you can help me. Thank you.
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Gruss / Regards,

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