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[Linux-cluster] Is this possible?

I want to setup a Cluster managed by CMAN and related components having 3 nodes ,  2 running the same
service(application) and 1 on standby. The service to be run is not cluster aware but we do not really care since all the data is stored on an Oracle Rac that is being accessed by the 2 nodes running the application. If one of the nodes fails then cman can move the service to the 3. On top of that I want to use Piranha to load balance incoming Network requests to the  cluster.

I have setup more or less a 2 node cluster using CMAN(no fencing since this is still for research purposes) and can move services from one node to the other ( process is still a bit flaky since our startup scripts are not LBS compliant) but so far did not figure out how I can force CMAN to start the same service on all the nodes. After going through the available documentation i came upon the following in the FAQ.
" RHCS doesn't let you start the same service multiple times" along with the subsequent explanation.

Anyway to cut the story short. I understand the explanation and the reasoning behind this, however I do see a need for managing active-active services for systems that are not cluster aware but do not really care whether they are in a cluster as such. Now to my question. Is it possible for CMAN to make it start the same application on for example 2 nodes and have as a failover a third or more nodes?

Perhaps I am complicating things a bit more that required or have a misconception somewhere. I would appreciate any sort of feedback and recommendations.

Eftychios Eftychiou

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