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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS on 3-node cluster corrupted after full network outage

On 12/7/06, Klaas <klaas klaas nl> wrote:

We have Cluster software running because we need GFS.

Lately, we had a 100% network outage and all three
nodes kept on running (of course inquorate)
and the GFS stayed available too.

No fencing (I understand this is documented behaviour) but
this way our GFS will get corrupted if the rest of the
software on the nodes keeps accessing the GFS...

Please advise,


From the FAQ:

#  Can't I just use my own watchdog or manual fencing?

No. Fencing is absolutely required in all production environments.
That's right. We do not support people using only watchdog timers

Manual fencing is absolutely not supported in any production
environment, ever, under any circumstances.

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