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[Linux-cluster] Help BADLY needed: Fencing and LVS

It's been a while since I posted for help so I decided to make the job easier 
than originally posted.

All I need are two things.... 

1: Look at and fix up (if needed) my cluster.conf file so that when a node 
crashes, it does not take down the whole cluster. I'm using Brocade switches 
which seem to work fine when I can shut a node down properly but if it crashes 
for any reason, it takes down the cluster. I suspect my GFS/Cluster shut down 
commands are part of the problem.

2: Configure one LVS server, working with one web server.
I'll do the secondary later, I just need the initial one working so that I can 
learn and follow that example. 
The server is built and running but I've never dealt with dual NIC's which I 
think is where my problems are. Both LVS and web server have dual NICs.

I can give you the IP's of the machines and you can either build me the LVS 
config and notes on what I'll need to do or if you have a fixed IP, I can let 
you into the LVS and web server. You can then set it up and I'll learn from 
that example.

I am more than willing to pay someone for this since I need this asap. I've 
been trying to figure out this part for weeks and am floored on why something 
this simple I have yet to get working. I was very close but kept having 

Thank you very much for your help in this.


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