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[Linux-cluster] CMAN panicing...

Hi All,

Have been testing a RH cluster for a month or so and was working fine.
Predictably enough, now that its in production, its playing up a bit.

Have 3 nodes setup as a 3-node cluster. Am only using it for GFS. We don't
run any *real* cluster apps. The nodes are Gonzo, Kermit & Voyager. The
shared storage is an EMC iSCSI unit, each node has a Qlogic HBA inside.

They seem to be having similar error messages. Almost as if they are
simultaneously fencing eachother off and hence causing problems.

I have attached a jpg screen grab of Kermit, (Voyager auto-rebooted when
this happened) and the /var/log/messages from the node that survived.

Any ideas what is causing this, and more importantly a direction I can aim
at to fix it...



/var/log/messages on Gonzo
Dec 11 13:52:57 gonzo kernel: CMAN: removing node voyager.poc from the
cluster : Missed too many heartbeats
Dec 11 13:53:03 gonzo kernel: CMAN: removing node kermit.poc from the
cluster : No response to messages
Dec 11 13:53:09 gonzo kernel: CMAN: quorum lost, blocking activity
Dec 11 13:57:27 gonzo kernel: CMAN: node voyager.poc rejoining
Dec 11 13:57:27 gonzo kernel: CMAN: quorum regained, resuming activity

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