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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS + CORAID Performance Problem

On Dec 12, 2006, at 8:15 AM, Bowie Bailey wrote:

Jayson Vantuyl wrote:

I don't know what Coraid recommends, but I usually recommend not
plugging devices directly into the ports.  I vastly prefer having a
good gigabit switch there instead.  Here at Engine Yard, we actually
have two switches that provide redundancy across either port.  The
current AoE driver is good enough to use both networks to spread the
load if you have two independent network paths, so you also get
better performance.  We actually have separate cards in each of our
servers to prevent failure of an individual network card from being
an issue (and AoE should handle this well as long as the driver
doesn't crash in this state).

You can do this with the Coraid devices now? The last time I checked they couldn't handle having two paths. Right now, I've got the two network ports connected to separate Gigabit switches. Half of the nodes use one switch and the other half use the other. If I could have all of the nodes use both
switches, that would increase throughput as well as redundancy.

Yes, both the new drivers and new firmware support multi-pathing now.

I believe Coraid considers it experimental. We've had no issues with
it in several months of use though.

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