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Re: [Linux-cluster] iLO device as fencing device

We are using it, too with good results. We had to write our own fencing method. The one supplied is too slow. ILO allows you to send a RESET command that is faster.

Also, we wanted a more efficient use of the secure socket (the default fence_ilo lets the socket time out, then reconnects, etc) and we wanted to detect the case when node 1 cannot access the ILO of node 2 because node 2 is not there anymore (powered off, for example) or because node 1 lost network access.


On 11/22/06, Fabrizio Lippolis <fabrizio lippolis aurigainformatica it> wrote:
Hi list,

does anybody has experience configuring the HP iLO (Integrated
Lights-Out) device as fencing device? How does it work?


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