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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: CS4 / U2/U3/U4/ problem about cluster_idgeneration

Alain Moulle wrote:
> Michael Will wrote:
>>> If you stick to the numerical cluster I'd and just use a more robust
>>> hash alg you should be fine...
>> We can't change the hash algorithm as it would break backwards compatibility -
>> new nodes would hash the same name to a different
>> value and refuse to join the cluster.
>> A better solution might be to allow the cluster number to be specified in ccs
>> as well as the name so it would override the hash value.
>> -- patrick
> Yes, this seems also to me a good solution: if a new field "cluster_id" is set
> in cluster.conf (together with "cluster_name") generate_cluster_id takes it, and
> if not, it generates the id as usual.
> Is there any possibility for such an evolution in a future patch on CS4 U4 ?

It's certainly possible. and not to difficult to add I think.

Can you raise a bugzilla for it please ? (things in bugzilla are more likely to happen!)



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