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Re: [Linux-cluster] ext3 filesystem

On 14/12/06, Robert Peterson <rpeterso redhat com> wrote:
David J. Otis wrote:
> Is it possible to have an ext3 filesystem mixed with the gfs
> filesystems on my SAN that can be mounted by all nodes?
Hi David,

As long as the ext3 file system is mounted read only by all but one
node, you should be able to do this.
However, if you need read/write capabilities on both file systems on the
SAN, then ext3
will just get you in trouble.  Since ext3 isn't cluster aware, the nodes
will walk all over each other's data.
That's what GFS was designed to prevent.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

What good is mounting the ext3 filesystem read-only on all but one node?
Suppose node A is the node that mounts the filesystem read-write, and
node B a node that mounts it read-only.  B reads a file from the
filesystem, which gets cached on node B.  Node A changes that same
file.  How is node B to know that the data it cached is out of date?

Kind regard,


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