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[Linux-cluster] GFS performance

Title: GFS performance

Hello guru's,

Interesting problem I am hoping someone on this forum has seen before, and can give me pointers to what may be wrong. Here is the setup:

2 HP DL380 G4 systems with RHEL4U4
1 unmanaged switch (for Cluster interconnect and Oracle RAC interconnect.)
Public network for Oracle NET and normal network traffic
RHCS4 using DLM locking protocol (three servers to keep GULM lock info for a two node RAC seemed pretty wasteful)
Oracle Clusterware (latest)
Oracle Database 10gR2
Fiber-Channel shared storage

Here is my issue:

I have set up a two-node Oracle 10gR2 RAC system with RHCS/GFS (OCFS2 was such a disappointment), and Oracle Clusterware. Everything on the OS cluster level is good and fine.

Shortly after setting up the cluster and handing it over to the DBAs to install Clusterware and Oracle RAC. They come to me saying that they have uneven performance between the nodes. (Node one does adatabase import in an hour whereas the same import on Node2 takes 10 hours)

I have been doing everything I can do on my side using various tools to try to isolate the issue (protocol analysis, iostat, strace, dd to do writes from both nodes to GFS, etc.) and I have been unable to isolate the issue as performance is quite even on an OS level.  

The cluster configuration has been ruled out by Redhat support as an issue. (Yay for me and Redhat!)

I am hoping someone here has run into issues using Oracle Clusterware on RHCS/GFS.

Thanx in advance

Darrell J. Frazier
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