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[Linux-cluster] Dual node storage cluster without Expensive SAN hardware.


I'm looking into doing the following. I want to create some sort of High Available storage cluster without using expensive SAN hardware. Lon Hohberger allready told me that this is currently not possible if both nodes should be able to write to the storage but now I'm wandering if the following is possible and if there is some documentation on how to do this properly.

I have 2 nodes, both nodes have a lot of Direct Attached Storage online. I would like to create a block device that is essentially a RAID 1 set on those 2 storage nodes. Then I would like to use something like Heartbeat to determine which node should be the master node and have write access and should therefor also export the storage to other systems that use this storage to store there data. Using a single IP that always live on the master node I could then make sure that data is available on a single entry point for all nodes that need this data.

Is this possible using the GFS / GNBD components currently available in FC5 / FC6 or RHEL?

Thanks a lot for your information,
Jan Hugo Prins

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