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Re: [Linux-cluster] Problem with more than one partition

If this is the same problem I was having, it was a simple fix. Here is a paste 
on a reply to my own question.

isplist logicore net wrote:
> # mount -t gfs /dev/rimfire/rimfire /gfs/rimfire/
> mount: File exists
> Why is it that I can only mount one at a time? I need at least two per node,
> non contiguous, separate.
> Mike
Hi Mike,

I'm guessing that maybe you gave them the same locking table on
gfs_mkfs, and they're supposed
to be different.  When you did mkfs, did you use the same -t
cluster:fsname for more than one?
You can find this out by doing:

gfs_tool sb /dev/rimfire/rimfire table
gfs_tool sb /dev/storec/web table
gfs_tool sb /dev/storeb/qm table

And see if the same value appears. You can change it after the mkfs has
already been
done with this command:

gfs_tool sb /dev/<device> table cluster:new_name


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

On Tue, 19 Dec 2006 10:36:20 +0100, aleava libero it wrote:
> Hi,
> I try to repost my old question: I want to mount more than one logical
> volume from our 2 servers (nodes).
> The first attempt I did was with two server and one logical volume, and it
> worked; then I tried with two logical volumes and I can mount the partition
> from one server, while on the other one the "mount" command hangs, and I
> have to reset both the machines.
> My configuration is the following:
> - Two servers with Red Hat Enterprise 4 Update 1 (kernel 2.6.9-11.EL);
> - Disk Array Dot Hill with HBA Qlogic 2340;
> - GFS downloaded from CVS, RHEL4 branch.
> Here, my updated cluster.conf
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <cluster config_version="6" name="GFS">
> <fence_daemon post_fail_delay="0" post_join_delay="3"/>
> <clusternodes>
> <clusternode name="recorder" votes="1" nodeid="1">
> <fence>
> <method name="1">
> <device name="Manual_Fencing" nodename="recorder"/>
> </method>
> </fence>
> </clusternode>
> <clusternode name="data_server" votes="1" nodeid="2">
> <fence>
> <method name="1">
> <device name="Manual_Fencing" nodename="data_server"/>
> </method>
> </fence>
> </clusternode>
> </clusternodes>
> <cman expected_votes="1" two_node="1"/>
> <fencedevices>
> <fencedevice agent="fence_manual" name="Manual_Fencing"/>
> </fencedevices>
> <rm>
> <failoverdomains>
> <failoverdomain name="Failover_Domain" ordered="0" restricted="1">
> <failoverdomainnode name="recorder" priority="1"/>
> <failoverdomainnode name="data_server" priority="1"/>
> </failoverdomain>
> </failoverdomains>
> <resources/>
> </rm>
> </cluster>
> Thanks in advance
> Ale
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