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[Linux-cluster] Clustering and suspend-to-disk?

Hi all.

A long while ago now, I spoke with someone (who I'll keep anonymous)
about the possibility of suspending a cluster to disk. The person seemed
to be reasonably excited about the idea, since it would potentially be
quite useful in a power outage situation with limited UPS capability
(particularly where the state of computations couldn't easily be
serialised and restarted later).

I'm now in a situation where I don't have a lot of time to work on it,
but am interested in starting to make modifications to Suspend2 to add
such support. Before I do it, though, I wanted to ask whether you guys
as a whole would be interested in such support, or whether you think I'd
be wasting my time.

At the moment, I'm imagining starting with the simpler aspects first,
implementing a means to initiate suspending from a master node and
synchronise the suspending and resuming of slave nodes to local storage
on each node in such a way that if one fails, all abort suspending, and
they all resume together too. After that, I'd like to work toward
supporting suspending to shared storage.

Are there other issues I might have overlooked? Clustering is all new to



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