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Re: [Linux-cluster] Problem with more than one partition

aleava libero it wrote:
First of all, thanks for your aswers,unfortunately, they don't solve our problem.
I try to explain better: we have 1 diskarray with 4 LUNS mapped on 4 partitions (sda, sdb, sdc, sdd).
I created 4 Volume group and 4 Logical Volume, one LV for every VG:
/dev/VG01/LV01 (==>sda)
/dev/VG02/LV02 (==>sdb)
/dev/VG03/LV03 (==>sdc)
/dev/VG04/LV04 (==>sdd)
Then I make the gfs file system with the next command:
gfs_mkfs -j 2 -t alpha_cluster:LV01 -p lock_dlm /dev/VG01/LV01
gfs_mkfs -j 2 -t alpha_cluster:LV02 -p lock_dlm /dev/VG02/LV02
gfs_mkfs -j 2 -t alpha_cluster:LV03 -p lock_dlm /dev/VG03/LV03
gfs_mkfs -j 2 -t alpha_cluster:LV04 -p lock_dlm /dev/VG04/LV04

I can mount all these 4 partition from one node without problems, but when I try to mount these same partitions from the other node, the mount command hangs and I must reset the machine, because also the "reboot" command doesn't work.

I hope I provide all informations to make you understand my problem.

Thanks in advance,
Hi Ale,

Your mkfs's and cluster.conf seem reasonable.  I'd also recommend bumping
your post_join_delay, though, because 3 seconds isn't much time.

It's hard to say what's going on.
This sounds like a bug, but since you said that you were running RHEL4U1, I
recommend upgrading both nodes to the latest U4 and see if it still happens.
There were lots of bugs fixed between U1 and U4.  BTW, you shouldn't mix
a U1 system with a cluster system at a higher level.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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