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Re: [Linux-cluster] Performance questions

On 12/21/06, Shailesh <shailesh verismonetworks com> wrote:
    I have two performance related queries for GFS,

1. What would be the optimal number of GFS nodes I can
   have on Gigabit ethernet lan, is it unlimited?

This depends on your I/O requirements, storage system and your network
topology. The max gigabit thourghout of 128MB/S (teroratically, in
real life it will be less) is ofcause the boundary and will eventually
dictate how many nodes you can have operating optimally.

2. How would the comparisions between GFS and Lustre file system
   look like in terms of
   - Number of nodes supported for optimal performance and
   - Bandwidth usage.

Lustre is a different beast than GFS, because of it's parallel and
distributed nature. Lustre (and PVFS2) is usually used in parallel
environments where shared storage (GFS and OCFS2 style) is not needed.
So the answer to your question really lies in what type of application
you plan to use.

Lars Roland

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