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Re: [Linux-cluster] Performance questions

On Dec 21, 2006, at 3:44 AM, Shailesh wrote:

    I have two performance related queries for GFS,

1. What would be the optimal number of GFS nodes I can
   have on Gigabit ethernet lan, is it unlimited?

This is a good question. I had heard that GFS had been tested at
somewhere near 300 nodes or something, but further investigation
has shown that those tests were using the old GULM.

As I understand it now, with DLM, the system is limited a practical
limit of around 16 nodes. Is this still correct?

2. How would the comparisions between GFS and Lustre file system
   look like in terms of
   - Number of nodes supported for optimal performance and
   - Bandwidth usage.

Another very good question, indeed.

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