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[Linux-cluster] FW: GFS - kernel crash



We have moved to RedHat4 uppdate 4, and started working with the quorum disk feature (we have 2 node clusters) and start getting kernel crashes.


  1. Configuration:
    1. Cluster Suite (u4) and GFS (6.1.6) on the top of rhel 4 u4.
    2. Two nodes.
    3. Fence device – brocade switch.
    4. Attached please find a xml configuration file.
    5. Quorum disk on top of CLVM
  2. Scenario:
    1. Configure gfs on two nodes.
    2. Start all cluster and GFS services, mount FS by autofs.
    3. mkqdisk  -c /dev/vg_qdisk/lv_qdisk –l test_qdisk (according to the man)
    4. one of the sides didn't find quorum on disk (mkqdisk –L return empty result).
    5. Trying to stop GFS caused kernel panic (consistently several times).
    6. The last lines in telnet session were :

Cluster Service Manager is stopped.

Unmounting GFS filessystems: ….


The stack I get with the kernel panic:

- lock_dlm: lm_dlm_unlock

- gfs: gfs_glock_drop_th

- gfs:gfs_glock_dq

- gfs:gfs_make_fs_ro

- generic_shutdown_super

- dummy_inode_permission

- sys_umount

- error_exit


Have anyone experienced or is aware of this problem?


Are we doing something we shouldn’t be doing?


Any advice will be appreciated …





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