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[Linux-cluster] ERROR cannot get node name

Ok, well I am still following the mini how to that is included in the tar ball.

When I go to startup everything on the node I get the following:

[root perforce2 cluster-1.03.00]# depmod -a
[root perforce2 cluster-1.03.00]# modprobe gnbd
[root perforce2 cluster-1.03.00]# modprobe gfs
[root perforce2 cluster-1.03.00]# modprobe lock_dlm
[root perforce2 cluster-1.03.00]# gnbd_import -i boston
gnbd_import: ERROR cannot get node name : No such process
gnbd_import: ERROR No cluster manager is running
gnbd_import: ERROR If you are not planning to use a cluster manager, use -n
[root perforce2 cluster-1.03.00]#

Is there something I forgot?

here is the selection from the file:

- load kernel modules on nodes

node2 and node3> modprobe gnbd
node2 and node3> modprobe gfs
node2 and node3> modprobe lock_dlm

- run the following commands

node1> gnbd_serv -n
node1> gnbd_export -c -d /dev/sda1 -e global_disk

node2 and node3> gnbd_import -i node1
node2 and node3> ccsd
node2 and node3> cman_tool join
node2 and node3> fence_tool join

node2> gfs_mkfs -p lock_dlm -t gamma:gfs1 -j 2 /dev/gnbd/global_disk

node2 and node3> mount -t gfs /dev/gnbd/global_disk /mnt

- the end, you now have a gfs file system mounted on node2 and node3

Mike Mitchell
otakurx gmail com
(603) 706-0026
www.otaku-wired.net (offline)
otakurx.blogspot.com (my Blog)
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