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[Linux-cluster] fiber channel and GFS


I'm working on gfs for many days to try to find a solution du use GFS
and a Fiber Channel NAS.

I have :
- 3 servers with qlogic fiber channel adaptator
- 1 qlogic fiber channel  switch
- 1 fiber channel NAS

I want to use my NAS with n server without nfs server or any other
single point of failure system.

If I'm installing GFS using GNBD like ajesh mishra[1] I have no problem.
But this look like a nfs server with a single point of failure.
I want to know how is it possible to use my nas directly without gnbd
server. I have found many doc on google but nothing really clear about
what I need to do.

How many luns do I need to create on my nas to get it work ? one or more ?
Do I really need to create a lvm ? With 2 of my nas luns ?
What kind of fence device do I need to configure in my cluster.conf file ?

[1] http://www.spinics.net/lists/cluster/msg05600.html


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