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[Linux-cluster] Re: Doubts+Questions about iSCSI+LVM+GFS; multiple targets->one host

michael weitzel uni-siegen de wrote:

has anyone tried Open-iSCSI together with LVM and GFS (Global File
System; Redhat open source).

I have a cluster of 8 nodes (x86_64) where 4 nodes export an IDE disk
via ietd. The IDE disks were labeled by LVM's pvcreate and build a
volume group with a single logical volume. This volume group can be
seen from all nodes (nodes which export their own IDE drive use the
native block dev instead of the SCSI-dev imported with open-iscsi).

I've compiled and installed redhat's GFS and CLVMD to use this
distributed volume group on all nodes simultaneously. Creating and
mounting the GFS volume works but the filesystem gets corrupted after
some testing. Any ideas? Can I disable write-caching for the
iSCSI-devices? Has anyone used iSCSI+GFS before?

iSCSI and GFS should work. It does when using GFS and the older iscsi driver. I have not tried it with open-iscsi though. I did not imagine there would be a problem.

Another problem: open-iscsi creates a new scsi-host for each imported
disk. Is it possible to "bundle" the devices on a single host?

What target are you using?

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