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RE: [Linux-cluster] 9i RAC GFS Certification?

Title: RE: [Linux-cluster] 9i RAC GFS Certification?

Any idea as to how long "near term" is?

Itanium support thwarts us at every turn (and we have 20 of them!), 10g with GFS 6.1 on RHEL4-ia64 would answer all of my prayers.



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On Thu, 2006-02-23 at 17:04 +0700, Thai Duong wrote:
> You are rite. ATM, Oracle only certifies GFS 6.0 on x86 RHEL3 only.
> Anyway, we have been running a RAC with GFS 6.0 on ia64 RHEL 3
> for months without no major problem. We had some problems with <
> patchset but after upgrading to the current patchset, the
> system is quite stable.
> We have been testing another RAC with GFS 6.1 on ia64 RHEL 4
> for two weeks. So far so good. If things go smoothly in the next two
> weeks, we will upgrade our production system to RHEL4. Yeah we know
> that using something not certified is dangerous but as far as I know
> Oracle has no plan to certify GFS 6.1 on RHEL4. So we must certify it
> ourselves!

Your last statement is incorrect.  Red Hat GFS folks are working with
Oracle to certify 10gR2 on GFS 6.1 on RHEL 4 in the near term; however,
GULM is the only supported lock manager for this certification.  They
require 3 external nodes to the RAC cluster (none of the RAC nodes can
be a standy lock node, for example).

Red Hat told me this was at the insistence of Oracle.  :(


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