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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS and FC3 installation help...

I would recommend installing FC4 and the GFS/cluster rpms that come with that. (And when FC5 comes out, use that). We never really built GFS for FC3 so we don't know all of the potential issues that could crop up with different libraries, etc.


Screaming Eagle wrote:
I am trying to get GFS working on FC3. So far I have visited this site, sources.redhat.com/cluster <http://sources.redhat.com/cluster> and downloaded the stable version, compiled it against the plain vaniall kernel 2.6.15, but getting error. I am wondering if someone had done this with FC3 and got it work. I am also trying another alternative, I am downloading all of the relative src rpm from FC4, including the kernel. I plan to compile this in FC3. Does any know if this will be issue regarding glibc and lib differences between FC3 and FC4? Thanks.


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