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[Linux-cluster] GFS: "transport endpoint is not connected" error


I've installed GFS to all members in a a RHEL AS/ES system. This cluster is connected to a SAN.

Using one of the nodes, I mkfs'ed all partitions on SAN with GFS. When I want to mount those partitions, I get the error on subject. I google'd, however I could not find an exact solution to my problem. There are 9 servers, 2+2 will run as a cluster, and 5 of them will work in standalone mode. Neither the standalone, nor the cluster members can mount the partitions.

I have another question: The first 2-node cluster needs 4 TB of data. However, IBM reported us that we can only create 2 TB LUNs. So, I will need to create LVM and combine two partitions, right? Any guides/comments on that?

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