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[Linux-cluster] urgenet question about ClusterSuit

I have question about clustering as follows:

we are planning to service 200000 customers for
internet services such as webhosting,email,DNS.We have
designed about 8 servers for each service to run a
share of the load.I want to use Clustersuit as well as
GFS as we are making use of SAN.
As I have studied mannuals of clustersuit , it seems
that there is only one service up in each
clustersystems , my question is we this high number of
users How can I rely just on one servers , I know that
another server in failoverdomain comesup incase of
first server failure , but what about load balancing? 
how can I have all of me servers running in my
clustersystems ?
I have studied about pirnaha for IP load balancing but
it seems that I can not use GFS with Pirnaha?
I appreciate If any one could help me reagrding this


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