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Re: [Linux-cluster] clurgmgrd failing

On Fri, 2006-01-06 at 13:49 +1100, Robert Ruge wrote:
> Good new year to you all.
> I have two identical Redhat ES 4 clusters running cluster 1.01 and
> GFS. On both clusters I fairly regularly have the clurgmgrd die for no
> apparent reason and with no errors in the logs that I can see.
> Sometimes just restarting it will be ok but other times I have to
> reboot the node. It appears to happen on both clusters and on any of
> the four nodes involved. Is there any way of turning on debugging so
> that I can get some idea of what is causing the problem.

The current stable branch and the upcoming release have tons of
additional logging, and the ability to change clurgmgrd's logging
facility and log level (in the config file).

In addition, you can start clurgmgrd with the "-d" option - you'll just
want to edit syslog.conf to make sure you get all the messages.

-- Lon

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