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Re: [Linux-cluster] SAN file system to be shared to multiple nodes

Hello Lon,
Ok. I'm fine with it not packages directly with Slackware. However there are a few concerns that I have in meeting this demand that I have this SAN working in 2 weeks time. ;) (Damn bosses).

Anyways, I know there is kinda two versions of GFS. The Redhat GFS or the OpenGFS project. I'm fine with OpenGFS and getting that to work. However the first things that I come across are kernel patches to make this work. Is there any kernel patches for 2.4.26 kernels. I noticed its 2.4.20 and 2.4.22 but nothing for 2.4.26. Who is the best to contact for support on OpenGFS? Sounds like the project is well, dead at the moment.....



Lon Hohberger wrote:

On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 13:22 -0700, rturnbull wrote:

So my question is, what is the best file system available that is production worthy and capable of running on a Slackware 10.2 distro. Naturally, I would guess a lot of people would say GFS or OpenGFS,

GFS is production ready and stable - and designed precisely for what you
are trying to do.

However, I do not know if anyone has packaged it for Slackware.  I know
it has been packaged for other distributions (apart from Red Hat
Enterprise Linux), though, such as Ubuntu and Fedora Core.

however is it stable and production ready. What about other shared file systems such as InterMezzo or Coda?

These are distributed/disconnected file systems which solve a different
paradigm, and they require a server (or replicated servers).

GFS (6.1) does not require a server - for locks or data.  There is a
distributed lock manager for managing internal metadata and POSIX locks,
and all clients have direct access to the SAN storage.

-- Lon

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