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Re: [Linux-cluster] GPFS??

rturnbull wrote:
I sent in a question before about SAN connecting multiple nodes to same shared disk.

I have been doing some reading and came across GPFS (Global Parallel File System). Since I have all this shinny new ibm hardware, is this a "free" software filesystem? Anyone heard of or used this technology?


GPFS is not free software (neither free as in beer nor freedom). It does run on a number of distros. All kinds of information are at:

The Frequently Asked Questions link on that page
has pointers to distro, pricing, and other info, if at this point you're still interested.

Lots of free GPFS tuning, performance and other information is available (free for download) via IBM Redbooks. Go to
and put "GPFS" in the Search box and look around for what's interesting to you.

Let me know.


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