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[Linux-cluster] rgmanager startup script

        I've been noticing a couple of things on a cluster I have
        setup to serve a gfs volume via nfs.  first, I've been
        seeing a bunch of clurmtabd errors being logged, like this:

Jan 12 13:18:46 sc02 clurmtabd[22381]: <err> #29: rmtab_write_atomic: Invalid argument

        second, I've noticed the number of processes on the cluster
        members is growing (slowly).

        anyway, while searching out the cause of the first, I think
        I may have solved both.  /etc/init.d/rgmanager should kill
        off all clurmtabd processes when it is shutdown, lines 83-84
        from 'stop_cluster':

83              # Ensure all NFS rmtab daemons are dead.
84              killall $RMTABD &> /dev/null

        but, RMTABD is not defined.  I've added RMTABD=clurmtabd and
        to /etc/init.d/rgmanager and it appears to have solved both
        issues.  so, is this a bug, and if so should I file it in
        bugzilla, send an amusingly trivial patch, or let this email

        Bryan Cardillo
        Penn Bioinformatics Core
        University of Pennsylvania
        dillo seas upenn edu

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