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[Linux-cluster] Where I can find the light for GFS and Multipathing in RedHat clusters.

I have HP cluster consisting of two nodes using as filesystem space two I-scsi servers.
There are two packages:  one production pkg  , one dev/test pkg
So the prod pkg runs on server 1 and  and the dev/test on server 2 and in case of a failure everything goes to the node which survives.
There are two buildings each containing a node and a I-scsi server,  all servers and buildings  are connected with gigabit.
The filsystems  are mirrored on a host-based manner. ( = importing  iscsi disk and  LVM/mirroring on top)
So far so good, and I  hope you get the picture.
Now I want to implement this on a Redhat Cluster, and I have the four servers setup, iscsi working, cluster up running  but ...
The questions now:
- Where does GFS in the picture ? Why should I use it ? Why not simple create /dev/md and LVMs/ext3 and import them when needed. 
- How do you implement multipathing in this picture ? I want redundancy on my gigabit NIC's
I missed the boat somewhere but please direct where I can find the light for GFS and Multipathing in RedHat clusters.

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