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[Linux-cluster] ccs_tool upgrade <files>, fails to convert configs.

I'm trying to a upgrade old CCS formated (GFS 6.0) archives to the new (GFS 6.1) xml format using the ccs_tool command but seem to be getting the syntax wrong.

# ccs_tool upgrade archive/*     (*.ccs files in dir)
Unable to find cluster.ccs in the archive.

Failed to upgrade CCS configuration information.

I've tried different variations of the command:

# ccs_tool upgrade . (while in the directory)
# ccs_tool upgrade cluster.ccs

...all with no luck. The ccs_tool man page seems to suggest this is possible:

       ccs_tool [OPTION].. <command>

upgrade <location>
This command is used to upgrade an old CCS format archive to the new xml format. <location> is the location of the old archive, which can be either a block device archive or a file archive. The converted configuration will be printed to stdout.

Thank You,
Paul Tader  <ptader fnal gov>  Computing Div/CSS Dept
Fermi National Accelerator Lab; PO Box 500 MS 369 Batavia, IL 60510-0500

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