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[Linux-cluster] HP iLO fencing - how many iLO variants are there?

Hi all,

I have two DL145 G1 servers with "Lights Out 100i Remote Management". I
thought this is iLO but am not so sure anymore. 

The thing is accessible via telnet or http and works as expected. So I was
kinda suprised when fence_ilo failed with no route to host at
blahblahblah/SSL.pm line 104. Sure, it wants to connect to port 443 ... So
I took a look at fence_ilo code and saw nothing that would talk telnet to
this 100i thing ... 

I also checked its firmware version. It says 2.00, latest is 2.01 with no
important updates ... 

So it looks like I'd have to write my own fencing agent. Are there any
guidelines on how to do it "properly" to have it included in the mainline
distro? Also, any docs/mailing list post about what parameters fencing
agent needs to implement?


Jure Pečar

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