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Re: [Linux-cluster] loading Red Hat on multiple nodes

> > I received a question concerning Red Hat and wanted to see what the opinions
> > are of everyone here.
> >
> >  "Which software is best to load the Redhat Hat Linux ES4 on 150-odd nodes
> >from one cluster management node?"
> >

SystemImager vs. Rocks Avalanche (bittorrent-enhanced kickstart), I
guess.  SystemImager's more general-purpose (e.g. not limited
to redhatoids, easily used for updating with up-to-the-minute 
patched images), but its "Flamethrower" distribution method (to
make it vaguely throughput-competitive with avalanche) uses multicast
and therefore depends on multicast working right and is generally
a bit more  brittle (it's 'casting, so the installs have to be 

There's nothing stopping someone writing a bittorrent patch
for systemimager I guess, to get the best of both worlds.


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