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Re: [Linux-cluster] DLM error

On Wed, 2006-01-18 at 12:18 -0500, Andrew J. Forgue wrote:
> I have a 2-node cluster (briscoe & mccoy) running RHEL4U2 with
> associated CVS sources that I compiled yesterday (from that branch) and
> I'm getting an error when starting CLVMd:
> "DLM: connect from non cluster node"
> Everything else (cman, ccs, fenced) starts correctly.  We have had this
> cluster up for a while and we put it behind a load balancer (Cisco
> CSS11500 or something) yesterday and changed the IP to rfc1918 addresses
> while having the old public IPs directly mapped to the private IPs.  The
> DNS for the hostnames, however, resolve to the public IP so I added the
> private IPs into /etc/hosts:
>           briscoe briscoe.sys.oakland.edu
>           mccoy mccoy.sys.oakland.edu
> and their external IPs are:    141.210.8.xxx

> Can anyone give me a tip or point me into the right direction?
Run "cman_tool status" and make sure the node address it lists are what
you expect to see.

Also, check that the name used for the node in cluster.conf resolves to
the IP address that it shows in "cman_tool status" for that node.

Eric Kerin
eric bootseg com

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