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Re: [Linux-cluster] /usr on gfs

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006 00:38:18 +0100
Jure Pečar <pegasus nerv eu org> wrote:

> I think I have to study rc.d shutdown sequence a bit to figure out what
> holds /usr open ...

Ok, putting set -vx on top of gfs init script finally gave some clues on
the screen. That fuser -k -m inside the while loop doing the unmounts
actually kills all the rc scripts too. So the machine is left with init
only halfway through the shutdown and hangs there with nothing to do.

Then I did fuser -m /usr in the beginning of that while loop and stored the
output in the file, along with ps ax output. It's interesting to
see /etc/rc.d/rc 0 there in the list of processes having something open
on /usr. That's why it gets killed.

I'm not sure now what would be the right way to proceede with the fix ...
replacing fuser there with something a bit smarter or figuring out what
business does rc have with /usr?


Jure Pečar

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