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Re: [Linux-cluster] multiple issues

Greg Forte wrote:
3) the biggie: I have a GFS filesystem on a shared FC storage node (AX100). I haven't put any "real" data on it yet because I'm still testing, but yesterday I had the cluster up and running and the filesystem mounted on both nodes, and everything seemed peachy. I came back this morning to find that any attempted operations (e.g. 'ls') on the shared system came back with "Input/output error"
The time coincides with cron.daily firing, so I'm guessing the culprit is slocate (since that's the only job in cron.daily that would have touched that filesystem), but I'm not having any luck reproducing it. The only thing on that filesystem currently is the webroot, and there were no hits at the time. Any ideas?

Well, my guess was half-correct. It was something in cron.daily, but not slocate - it's logwatch causing the pain. And it crashes it on a single node even if it's not running concurrently on the other node. More specifically, it's df, which logwatch calls. Anybody else seen this? gfs_tool df mountpoint also causes the problem, returning the slightly more helpful "gfs_tool: error doing get_stat_gfs (-1): Input/output error".


Greg Forte
gforte udel edu
IT - User Services
University of Delaware
Newark, DE

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