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Re: [Linux-cluster] proper way to setup NFS


The "correct" way, as far as I understand it, is to:

1. Add IP.
2. Add your FS resource, be that a "File System" or "GFS" resource
3. Make/Add an "NFS Export" resource as a child of the resource from step
1, the name is purely symbolic
4. Make/Add an "NFS Client" resource as a child of the newly created "NFS
Export" resource, enter the IP/IP range/hostnames you wish to access this
resource (same as field 2 in /etc/exports) and the export options you want
to use (the part in parenthese or field 3 in /etc/exports) in
corresponding fields of the "NFS Client" configuration dialog box.
5. Save, (Re)Start Service

Now, don't quote me on that as being the "correct" way but it did work for


> I am wondering if there is a proper way to setup a NFS server using
> system-config-cluster. I have created one by
> - add resource "File System" to mount from share disk
> - add resource "IP Address" for the service IP
> - add resource "script" for using /etc/init.d/nfs
> - add service for NFS using the three resources above
> It works, but not sure if I will run into problem later.
> However, there are NFS specific resources "NFS Export", "NFS Client".
> That make me think maybe I am not doing in the proper way. I would
> appreciate if anyone can outline the proper steps for setting up a NFS
> server in a linux cluster.
> One thing that is bordering me is the "NFS Export" resource. It only has
> one field called Name. In redhat's document, it says "Enter a name for
> the NFS export resource". What exactly should I enter here? Is it the
> path to be exported?
> TM Lam
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